Liquid black malt extracts for brewery applications made with Viking Malt -malts

Senson liquid malt -products are well known for their quality.  One of the secrets within these products is the superior quality malts used in their production. These malts are supplied to Senson by Sensons’s sister company, world’s leading company of special malts, Viking Malt. With expertise from both companies on raw materials, malting process and liquid malt production, we are able to deliver natural liquid malt products of highest quality that we are extremely proud of.

One of the product categories with many decades of expertise is Senson’s liquid black malts. In these products the true character of the raw-material ‘Viking Black Malt’ can be noticed: being roasted, burnt, having smoky flavors and delivering dark to black color shades. Due to high concentration factor and having low viscosity these products are easy to use and significant results can be achieved even with low dosages. This product category has been well appreciated by our brewing and beverage customers in their different applications. They are used to reach narrow beer color specifications set by the brewing companies and to support new product development work in fast moving specialty beer sector. For those interested in liquid black malt products with organic or gluten free properties we can offer products from Senson Special -category.

To hear more about Senson’s liquid black malt -products as well as our co-operation with Viking Malt do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you more.

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