Senson - One of the most northern liquid cereal & malt producing companies in the world.

The world of food and beverages is currently full of new opportunities – but along with them also challenges. Global trends such as plant-based proteins, oat drinks, gluten-free products and special or non-alcoholic beers all require innovative and natural solutions for their production.This is where we come into the picture. Our business is in adding value to food & beverages by 100% natural grain- based liquid ingredients.

Senson Ingredients offer more colour, taste, texture, nutrition, cost-efficiency or even whole new product categories for the food industry. Malting plays a key role here – malt extracts and enzymes enable the most effective and versatile utilization of the various properties of grain. Our aim is to be a committed partner for our clients and support them in creating attractive, ecologically sustainable and nutritionally sound success stories.

Polttimo – Strong heritage in natural processing of cereals

Polttimo Group is an international group of companies, specializing in manufacturing raw materials and ingredients for the food and beverage industry around the world. Our main products are malt for brewing and cereal based ingredients.

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Sustainable sourcing of cereals and malts through sister company Viking Malt

Viking Malt is the leading malting company in Northern Europe, and the world’s leading company of special malt. A dedicated team, good quality malting barley and six efficient production sites with a capacity of 600 000 tons form the basis for our offering to international and local brewers and distillers.

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Senson history

Senson is a part of Polttimo Group. In 2009, Maltax, Biofincon and LP-Research Centre merged into Senson with the aim to sell and market ingredients for the food and beverage industries worldwide. In addition, the group includes Senson’s sister company Viking Malt, which produces malt for breweries and whisky distilleries.

Polttimo is an over 130 years old family company rich in tradition. It was founded in 1883, and is located in Lahti. Even today, the company continues the policy of its founders, Ferdinand and Anders Enok Frigren.

“Our production methods and units must always represent state-of-the-art technology. Only this way we gain the trust of our clients, and maintain our competitive position.”

Senson communication

The purpose of Senson Oy’s communications is to promote business between us and our partners. We do so by providing accurate information on our goals and operations, under our own initiative.

Senson’s communications policy is based on transparency, reliability and timely production of information serving the needs of our stakeholders.

The primary aim of communications is to inform current and prospective clients about the added value that our company creates. This primary aim is founded on Senson’s strategy and core messages defined on the basis of the strategy. These core messages emphasise a problem-solving approach and high-quality operations.

Senson’s Managing Director is responsible for the company’s external communications.

Senson as an employer

Our business culture is founded on respect for our staff. Our group of about 30 consists of employees, management, sales professionals and food industry experts. Modern methods, keeping our eye on the horizon, and respecting the stability of staff give our employees the potential to succeed.

We are a trustworthy company esteemed by our customers. That is why it is easy for our employees to take pride in their work. In the future, we aim to increase and globalise our operation even more, and focus specifically on product development innovations.

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