Senson is natural. Natural is green. Senson is green.

Last week snow white Lahti turned to be all green in the evenings. City buildings were lighted in green to promote first weeks of European Green Capital 2021. In addition to being amazing visually, this initiative also made people to talk about how city and its people can be more ecological and sustainable in their daily lives.

Green was also selected to be one of the main colors in Senson’s brand renewal last year. This was easy choice for a company that develops natural food and beverage ingredients from Nordic cereals grown, in big part, on nearby farms. It has been interesting to follow how discussion with customers after brand renewal have turned in increasing numbers to topics like sustainability, clean environment and pure ingredients. This is well appreciated due to we believe great things are achieved together.

Setting the right scene, in these cases boosted by using green color for visuals, seems to have powerful effect to initiate us to a positive discussion.

Senson is proudly green. Would you like to be green with us?