Senson Umami
Umami liquid bean extract

Senson Umami Liquid Bean, with significant amount of soluble simple amino acids, deliver full-bodied meat-like flavours and boosts flavours of all the other ingredients. It is naturally brewed using faba beans and purest water from our own well. This newcomer is a must have ingredient to deliver clean label, less salt containing, great tasting sauces, broths and ready-made meals. Feel free to test it also in other innovative applications where savoury flavours are desired.


  • Senson Umami Liquid Bean 


Senson Umami Liquid Bean is plant-based liquid extract made from faba bean and water. Senson Umami Liquid Bean has high level of hydrolyzed amino acids with taste enhancing properties. It contains no coloring or additives.

Product name

Colour EBC,



Viscosity mPas,

Typical aroma

Senson Umami Liquid Bean 15-50 65- 75 4.0-5.0 < 25000 Umami, salty