Senson Natural Beta-amylase

Senson has long history in production of natural barley malt beta-amylase enzyme preparation called Senson Betalase 1500 EL. It contains the same amylolytic activities as the Senson Active series, only with a much higher activity.

Senson Betalase 1500 EL is especially suitable for the hydrolysis of starch, in the production of glucose syrups. It can be used also as a processing aid in the brew house, in mashing to increase the saccharification power if the amount of malt used is not sufficient, especially in brews with a high amount of adjuncts. The latest end applications are in the area of plant based food and beverage categories where beta-amylase enzyme can enable to deliver needed change in taste and structure of the main ingredient enabeling totally new food categories for the FMCG sector. 


  • Senson Betalase 1500 EL


SENSON BETALASE 1500 EL is a beta-amylase enzyme preparation derived from malted barley. In addition to beta-amylase activity, SENSON BETALASE 1500 EL contains alpha-amylase and small amount of other hydrolytic enzyme activities.BETALASE 1500 EL is brownish, hazy and slightly viscous liquid.

Product name




Viscosity mPas,


Senson Betalase 1500 EL >1200 >300 5.2-6.2 <200