Senson Product Portfolio

At Senson’s Lahti site we use all our expertise to produce most qualitative cereal and malt based liquids that are generally known as malt extracts or liquid malt extracts (LME). We have categorized them to sub-categories Senson Cereals, Senson Malts and Senson Specials. You can also find information on our partners and Finlandia home brew kits. We hope you find the most suitable category for your purpose below.

Not all our products are listed in these product pages. This is due to we also manufacture taylor-made solutions. We would like to hear what type of products you are interested in and how we could add value to products you are manufacturing.

Senson Gluten free
Special - Gluten free

Gluten free liquid malts


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Senson Cereal

Non-malted and malted liquid cereals

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Senson Malted

Liquid malts

made of malted barley

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Senson Organic
Special - Organic

Organic liquid malts


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Senson Active
Special - Active

liquid malts

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Senson Sour
Special - Sour

liquid malts

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Senson Umami
Special – Umami

Liquid Bean
Dry Bean powder extract

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Senson Natural Beta-Amylase
Natural beta-amylase

Malted barley beta-amylase

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Finlandia HomeBrew

Homebrew kits and hopped extracts for brewers

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