Senson – More by Nature

We are happy to announce the launch of our new brand identity and website. While being proud of our heritage we want to emphasize our forward looking approach and continuous development of our business. Our new visual outlook and refined key messages reflects our northern heritage and knowhow of Nordic cereals.

Senson logo embraces the two natural ingredients, which are the basis of all Senson products: grain and water. The logo illustrates Senson’s fully plant based product offering, which consists of high quality liquid cereal products and enzymes.

As part of our renewed brand, we have updated our product names. The change brings the product names into alignment with our new brand identity. Behind the new product names you still find the same product specifications that we produce with same passion as before. Senson’s new website now also include our partner companies that we represent in our local market and our distributor network worldwide. Through co-operation,  we can deliver the best possible  solutions to our customers. 

We hope to speak to you soon to better understand what we could add to your business?

Magnus Fagerstedt, Managing Director