Senson Sour
Sour liquid malt extract

Senson Sour Liquid Malt Light is the newest extract product in Senson portfolio. It has gone through lactic acid fermentation which gives this product it’s distinctive sour flavor profile. It has technological properties that will enable to create new winning food and beverahe categories for the FMCG markets. For baking and brewing applications this product allows to improve process times and can also enable to extend shelf life of some of the end products.


  • Senson Sour Liquid Malt Light


Senson Sour Liquid Malt Light is an enzymatically inactive light brown naturally acidified malt extract. It is produced of malted barley and barley and fermented with lactic acid bacteria. It has a characteristic acidic and malty flavour. It contains no colourings, preservatives or other food additives.

Product name

Colour EBC,



Viscosity mPas,

Typical aroma

Senson Sour Liquid Malt Light5-3570-763.0-4.05.2-6.0sour, malty, estery