More cereal flavor for gluten free bakery products

Consumption of the gluten free bakery products is growing rapidly. This is due to gluten intolerance, that has been brought to day light by food and health professionals. Generally, it is known that about 1 % of world’s population is affected by celiac disease. In addition, there are number of people actively trying to avoid gluten intake for other reasons, representing in some countries already over 10 % of the population. In these percentages gluten free market segment represents significant market volume and interesting, still challenging, added value food segment for food manufacturers.

In baking industry this has meant new business being developed focusing in gluten free baking. In a situation where more and more companies are entering to this market segment, small differences in taste can truly make a difference to determine the success of the newly launched products. For companies launching products with gluten content below legal gluten free claim level 20ppm in EU, Senson offers gluten free malt extracts in their recipes. This is to improve flavor, structure and appearance of the gluten free bakery products.

Small amount of gluten free malt extract to the recipe delivers pleasant cereal flavor and color to your gluten free bakery products. This is well appreciated by most of consumers that have gotten used to cereal notes in breads before switching to gluten free options. This change in recipe allows you to get one step closer to consumers expectations on how great gluten free bakery product should taste like.

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