Low and non-alcoholic beers with Nordic cereal twist

Sales of low and non-alcoholic beers are growing rapidly. This is due to increasing number of consumers are selecting healthier, less alcohol containing options to drink. Very often these low alcoholic beers are compared to typical beers where higher alcohol levels are delivering body and flavor to the product. This challenges brewers and beverage manufacturers to find new ways to deliver right balance to their low and non-alcoholic products that fulfil consumer expectations.

Senson’s selection of cereal and malt liquid extracts cover all the ‘Nordic cereals’. In addition to liquid barley malt extracts we have liquid oat, wheat and rye extracts in our portfolio. These allow to deliver complexity, body, and color to the products. For marketing this type of ingredients allow to have a marketing benefit when product ingredients are being used in marketing. Single products can be used in different stages of the process allowing to have different twists matching with the type of beer produced. Liquid Nordic cereal extracts are used in all the beer categories with great success.

Would you like to test how easy to use and good results liquid Nordic cereal extracts would deliver for your new products?

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