Did you know that malt extracts can improve shelf life of the bakery products?

Due to unusual times we are living in people are changing their way of doing grocery shopping. We buy groceries less often and more at the same time. Bakery products with short best before times have been one of the categories being most challenged with the new way of shopping. At the same time awareness on the amount of overall food waste has been raised. All these changes have influenced how grocery stores buy in products and how consumers select products that will stay good for longer time.

Generally, it has been known that using few percent of malt extracts in bakery products can improve product stability. This is due to improved water binding properties malt extract can deliver. In many of our trials this improvement has been 1-2 days for packaged bread depending on the product type. With our latest product launch Senson Sour Liquid Malt Light extract this improvement has been even more significant. This is due to additional natural acidification this extract delivers.

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