Senson Oy is a specialist in producing sustainable Nordic plant-based ingredients. Since 1984 we have perfected the process of carefully extracting beta-amylase enzyme from barley malt. This is made possible by combining special Nordic grown barley varieties, a unique production process and a skillful team of experts with knowhow in plant-based food ingredients.


Senson’s barley beta-amylase enzyme, Betalase 1500 EL, not only contains beta-amylase, but also alpha-amylase and other hydrolytic enzymes found in barley. Since the launch some 40 years ago Betalase has been used in starch hydrolysis by the starch industry as well as breweries with a high level of adjuncts.


In the last years we have seen non-dairy applications such as oat milks, creams and ice cream grow significantly. To demonstrate the product’s capabilities to modulate viscosity and sweetness of the oat milk we set a team of experts to test and report effects of this enzyme in the production of oat milks.


In summary this research highlighted that Senson Betalase 1500 EL enzyme increased the product’s body, mouthfeel as well as improved the sweetness of the finished product. It was found to be very suitable for the production of oat milks. To match with different consumer expectations Senson Betalase 1500 EL can be used in combination with other commercial enzymes to fine-tune and fully match with the targeted taste profile and structure of the final product.


Here you can download the full report on how to use Betalase 1500 EL in the production of oat milks. Our team is available to assist with any questions on the topic.


We are also present at the FIE2023 exhibition in Frankfurt. Pay a visit to our stand at 3.0H248 to learn more about Senson’s barley beta-amaylase enzyme.