Senson Umami now also as a powder extract

We like to challenge ourselves to help our customers’ develop their recipes and achieve new innovations. Our Umami Bean is a perfect fit to this ideology. As a powder extract, it brings ever more benefits to all food lovers.

Just like the Senson Umami Liquid Bean, the Dry Bean is a 100% natural, plant-based extract made from pure faba beans. In addition to the other excellent benefits that the faba bean brings naturally – less added salt, gluten-free, GMO-free –, as a dry extract it is also easier to apply and extends shelf life.

While developing this new product, we had especially in mind all food manufacturers who produce rubs, seasoning and spice mixes, broths and ready-made meals. We are interested in hearing from your experiences, so contact your local distributor or us at for a free product sample and test the Senson Umami Dry Bean in your food application. Our team will also gladly tell you more about this new innovation!

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