Senson Umami delivering meaty notes in menu of The Culinary Team of Finland

On 10th of March Lahti Industrial Society celebrated it’s 80th anniversary in Sibelius Hall’s Forest Hall in Lahti with over 300 attendees. Joyful evening program included live music, inspirational speeches, award ceremony and photo show showcasing society’s long history.

For the celebration The Culinary Team of Finland prepared four-course dinner menu with local ingredients and specialties of nearby food producers. One of these ingredients presented was Senson Umami -extract made from fava beans. It was used in anniversary menu’s Second: Pumpkin in two ways, herb and fava bean consommé. Senso Umami was delivering meaty, umami notes to this beautiful and very tasteful vegan dish.

Senson produces plant-based, high quality food ingredients from locally grown ingredients. We are honored that our Umami -extract is used by our national team with young professional chefs working under the guidance of its top chefs. Knowing that Senson Umami is used by the best, leaves the whole Senson team with very wide smile.

Thank you for the great evening for all the attendees! We wish The Culinary Team of Finland success in representing Finnish cuisine for the culinary world. You Rock!