Sour Oat Ale made with 100% oat

We are often asked how much oat could be added to different beers. When oat is already in the liquid form like in Senson Liquid Oat Pure DM50 -extract you can add as much as you want. To demonstrate this Senson agreed to do brew a beer together with local craft brewing company Kanavan Panimo. This was to be made using 100% oat as main ingredient. We also wanted to collect information on how well product itself suited craft brewery environment, test oat extract’s fermentability, as well as collect data on the stability of the final product after packaging. Kanavan Panimo was happy to test new raw material in their brewery and find out if they could brew low gluten level beer with it.

Senson’s Arttu Ruusunen from R&D and founder of Kanavan Panimo Jan Karlstedt teamed up to develop a product that would end up to be brewery’s Sour Oat Ale. Unmalted oats were accompanied with some local honey, sweet woodruff, a pinch of salt and of course brewery’s own bacterial mix for natural kettle souring. Technically brewing and fermentation went as planned. No issues were raised and comments from the work itself were very positive. Extracts were easy to use, they performed very well in fermentation and also first samplings after fermentation were promising with recognizable oat characteristics.

We still have some time to go before product is bottled and ready for final evaluation. We look forward to be able to share with you how the product will match with all the expectations.

Could we add some oat to your business?

Oat SourJan Karlstedt, Arttu Ruusunen and Arto Savunen - first tasting after fermentation