Autumn greetings with news on 100% Oat Sour Ale

Cooperation brew with Senson and local brewery Kanavan Panimo was launched this summer. What made it special was that the main ingredient was 100% pure oat extract from Senson. This was to demonstrate that there are no limits with dosing of oat when producing oat beers. Overall results were very positive starting from rather easy few hour brewing day and ending up to be bottled as Kanavan Panimo’s Avena 100% Oat Sour brew. With Senson oat extract brewery’s skillful team managed to deliver a true oat beverage having one of the highest concentrations of oat in the beverage markets. Avena also ended up to be naturally gluten free product, first gluten free beer for the brewery.

First pints were served from the tap in the brewery bar and bottles were available from brewery’s own shop. Consumer looking for ‘’that something special’’ gave great comments for the brewery team. Summer was one of the warmest in the history and first batch of oat sour specialty was quickly sold out.

At the moment Kanavan Panimo is looking for the next production batch to get ready. Warm summer is no more here but we believe this oat sour is also perfect match with season’s specialties. Try it with creamy soups, mussels, cheeses or even with desserts with freshly picked berries.

How much oat do you dare to add to your brews?