Would you like to have…

Cereal and malty flavors?
Appealing natural color?
Natural sweetness, body and texture?
Less salt and sugar without compromising the taste?
Clean label?

Senson liquid malts and cereals bring these

More by Nature

What does your product need?

More color

Liquid extracts can deliver wide range of colors and color shades to your product.

More taste

Malt and cereal extracts have recognizable flavor profile that allow to enhance flavors of other ingredients. They also allow you to have less salt/sugar without compromising the taste. Find the right match from extract portfolio to match with flavor profile of your product.

More texture

Even small amount of extract can deliver significant changes to structure, stability of the product and how the product is perceived. Syrupy structure of extracts with low water activity can be used as a benefit in multiple applications.

More nutrition

Liquid malt and cereal extracts as the name says are liquefied cereal in it’s purest form. They contain wide range of nutrients that can be expected from good cereal product.

More cost-efficiency

Single ingredient with multiple functionalities allow you to select one ingredient instead of many. Would you like to see your product following the clean label trend?

More creativity

Do you want it more sweet, sour, gluten free, roasted, caramelized or pure un-malted. We will help you to find the right product from our portfolio for you.

Our top 3 customer favorites

  • Senson Gluten Free Liquid Malt Black 800
  • Senson Gluten Free Liquid Malt Light 10
  • Senson Sour Liquid Malt Light

Our top 3 savory solutions

  • Senson Liquid Oat Pure DM50
  • Senson Gluten Free Liquid Malt Black 1200
  • Senson Liquid Malt Ale DM50
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