Would you like to have…

Cereal and malty flavors?
Appealing color, texture and crispiness?
Yeast growth boost?
Natural sweetness?
Longer shelf life for your product?

Senson liquid malts and cereals bring these

More by Nature

What does your product need?

More color

Malt and cereal extracts deliver color by increasing Maillard reactions in your bakery products. For darker shades products like gold and black color extracts should be considered.

More taste

Malt extracts can improve malt and cereal flavors of your bakery products. Non-malted variants deliver more delicate, sweet flavors with possibility to use less salt without compromising the flavor.

More texture

Few percent of liquid extract will deliver more homogeneous interior and crispy surface on your bakery product.

More nutrition

Liquid extracts contain wide range of nutrients like in every good cereal product. They can improve yeast growth and this way deliver more consistent bakery product.

More cost-efficiency

Liquid extracts can improve handling of the bakery products, allow creating new added value product categories or limit food waste by improving best before time of your product.

More creativity

Have you tried producing sour dough with just good amount of sour extract to your product? How about adding cereal flavor to your gluten free bakery products? We are happy to talk more to find solutions together for your business.

Our top 3 customer favorites

  • Senson Liquid Malt Gold 800
  • Senson Gluten Free Liquid Malt Light 10
  • Senson Liquid Rye Gold

Our top 3 for artesan bakeries

  • Senson Sour Liquid Malt Light
  • Senson Active Liquid Malt 60
  • Senson Liquid Malt Black 800
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