The Spring Equinox is here – 2021 season starting

During the last few weeks we have had some beautiful winter days here in Lahti. Meanwhile we have seen some signs of Spring arrival, nature is still waiting for the ground and frozen lakes to melt. It will take more than a month to reach daily average temperatures that allow perfect spring awakening of the plants. This should not be too early to avoid last frosts of the Spring and not too late to have maximum barley growing season.

Did you know that winter helps to limit plant diseases naturally? Good rest in low temperature also allows optimal start for the grain to germinate in Spring.

This week we will have the Spring Equinox meaning the day and night will be of same length. From this moment forward day will be longer than night for the next six months. In Nordics the shortest night will be only few hours of twilight during the midsummer in the area where barley is grown. These nightless nights create unique growing region allowing barley to grow with some unique characters.

We can’t wait until the start of new growing season. Hopefully local farmers will manage to get great harvest of malting barley and Nordic cereals also this year. These will be used in Senson’s products during the following year.